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Download: Danish Language Pack for IPB 2.1.5


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File Name: Danish Language Pack for IPB 2.1.5
File Submitter: MitsuMan
File Submitted: 28 Jan 2006
File Category: Language Packs

There can be some spell error. if you find any please contact me så i can fix it

there will be update as soon i get error or there a new version of IPB out

This now work on IPB 2.1.5 with few change on it.
This has now
Gmail S
Group Name Indicator v3[1].2

We have fix some more spell error
A little bug on the register page have been fix the little icon didn’t show up when user input threes user name or Email

We have fix some more spell error
we have now translatet the Reflections Gallery
We have now translatet the Links system From bfarber

Many places were the text has be fix
This is now working with the last IPB 2.1.4

Click here to download this file

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