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Download: Defessus Noctis


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File Name: Defessus Noctis
File Submitter: aerojad_merged
File Submitted: 08 Feb 2006
File Category: Dark Skins

Defessus Noctis, Latin for "weary night", is the debut effort of the Confundo skinning group, which at the moment consists of myself and the mastery of elSpaniard.

The title of the skin is a potshot at the late nights spent on getting used to the ins and outs of the IPB skinning system, but the skin being dark as it is, fits the name as well.

This is a 100%-width skin for the 2.0.x line of IPB. More new skins will be in the works in due time. If you have any requests about a new skin, or want to give us some feedback on this skin, you can visit our workshop. Hopefully you enjoy the work!

See this thread for a bunch of screenshots and comments on the skin already.

Click here to download this file


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