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Download: D21 Download Statistics 1.5.0


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File Name: D21 Download Statistics 1.5.0
File Submitter: JeremyStCyr
File Submitted: 09 Feb 2006
File Category: Modifications

this mod will display the following stats from on board index but in a mod!

Files: 2,558
Downloaded: 30,856
Categories: 51
Views: 40,468
Comments: 9
Favorite Files: 3
Files Voted on: 10
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Welcome to the latest release of the Download Statistics!

Version History.

Deleted some unneeded stuff.
Added the Collapse by Pred
Added Acp Settingd.


Updated it where it only needed to edits.

First Release of the mod!


(1) new template bit

All instructions are in the zip!

if you have any question you can ask here or ask on teamwolfpack.org

Click here to download this file

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