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Download: [ntd1712] - Downloads Script 1.0.3


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File Name: [ntd1712] - Downloads Script 1.0.3
File Submitter: majesty_merged
File Submitted: 09 Feb 2006
File Category: Modifications

Features include automated installation with PHP4 and PHP5 support, XHTML compliant templates, download mirrors, file uploads, file commenting and rating, recommend to a friend feature, leech protection, searching, unlimited base categories ...

Features List

Member Features
* Favorite System
- Mark files as favorites
- Remove files from favorites
* Other
- Mail file to friend
- View own submissions
- View own requests
- Add request for files
- Comment on files
- Report broken link
- File Rating
- File Download: supports leech protection, per user download limits
- Search

Misc Features
- View who downloaded in file
- View who rated in file
- Auto create new topic in forum where allowed
- PM notify for new submitted files
- File download/view counter
- Stats: Last 10 Added Files
- Stats: Top 10 Rated Files
- Stats: Top 10 Viewed Files
- Stats: Top 10 Downloaded Files
- Sorting options

Moderation Features
* Manage Files
- (Multi) Check Links, Approve / Decline / Delete Files / Move files to selected category
* Manage Directories (Directory to stored files)
- Create new / Edit Folder, Delete Folder/Files, Empty the current directory
- Import File(s) to database
- Bulk Upload: multiple file upload, supports both HTTP/FTP transfer protocol
* Manage Categories
- Add / Edit / Empty / Delete / Re-sync / Re-order categories
- Unlimited depth sub-categories
- Customizable show/browse/play/upload permissions for each category and each user group
- Supports "Auto create new topic for submitted files per-category" setting
* Miscellaneous
- Manage Requests
- View Link Reported: browse files reported as broken by members
- View Unlinked Files (Orphan Scanner Tool)
- Rebuild Downloads Cache: rebuild global stats and category stats

Admin CP: Settings (TOOLS & SETTINGS - Downloads Script Settings)
- Enable/Disable Downloads Page
- Dicrectory to store files & URL to stored files
- File extensions allowed to upload
- Maximum upload size for image, set thumbnail size
- File transfer speed limit
- ...

Admin CP: Group Settings (MANAGEMENT - Manage User Groups)
- Maximum upload size
- Limit number of downloads per day
- Min. Number posts allowed to download
- Monthly File Transfer Limit
- Allowed to download files
- Allowed to add files
- Allowed to edit own files and comments
- Allowed to delete own files and comments
- Allowed to rate files
- Allowed to comment on files
- Allowed avoid moderation queues
- Allowed to moderate download module
- Allowed to access download page
- Allowed to access download page when offline

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