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Download: [ntd1712] - Media Box 1.0.4


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File Name: [ntd1712] - Media Box 1.0.4
File Submitter: majesty_merged
File Submitted: 09 Feb 2006
File Category: Modifications

- With Media Box you can play, upload, make playlists, share, search and access your music from anywhere by just using a webbrowser. Powerfull and easy to use administration backend. Easy installation, compatible with Unix, Linux, Windows.
- Requirements: Apache 1.3.x, PHP 4.1 or higher, mySQL 3.22 or better.

PLEASE NOTE: Using this Modification to distribute media that you do not own the copyright to is illegal. If you choose to do so, you are doing so at your own risk. Your host may also have restrictions on using scripts such as this, so you will need to consult their guidelines as well.

By agreeing to download this mod, you release IBSBeyond and the Modification author from any legal responsibilities from your actions.

Features List

Member Features
* Personal Albums
- Create / Delete Albums
- Set to public/private
- Moderate within own album
* Favorite System
- Mark songs as favorites
- Remove songs from favorites
- Add songs to personal album
* Personal Playlist
- Remove songs from playlist
- Add songs to personal playlist
* Greeting Cards
* Other
- Mail song to friend
- View own submissions
- Request song
- Comment on songs
- Report broken link
- Song Rating
- Song Download: supports leech protection, per user download limits
- Search

Misc Features
- View who played in song
- View who downloaded in song
- View who rated in song
- Auto create new topic in forum where allowed
- PM notify when member submitted a new song
- Song download/view counter
- Stats: Last 10 Added Songs
- Stats: Top 10 Rated Songs
- Stats: Top 10 Viewed Songs
- Stats: Top 10 Downloaded Songs
- Sorting options

Moderation Features
* Manage Files
- (Multi) Check Links, Approve / Decline / Delete Files / Move files to selected category
* Manage Directories (Directory to stored files)
- Create new / Edit Folder, Delete Folder/Files, Empty the current directory
- Import File(s) to database
- Bulk Upload: multiple file upload, supports both HTTP/FTP transfer protocol
* Manage Categories
- Add / Edit / Empty / Delete / Re-sync / Re-order categories
- Unlimited depth sub-categories
- Customizable show/browse/play/upload permissions for each category and each user group
- Supports "Auto create new topic for submitted files per-category" setting
* Miscellaneous
- Manage eCards, eCard Categories
- Manage Requests
- View Link Reported: browse songs reported as broken by members
- View Never Played: browse songs never played in 1 month
- View Unlinked Files (Orphan Scanner Tool)
- Rebuild DB Cache: rebuild global stats and category stats
- Remove Played Logs: option to remove logs "Who Played in Song"
- Remove PLS Files: option to remove playlist files created by module when playing a song/multi-songs

Admin CP: Settings (TOOLS & SETTINGS - Media Box Settings)
- Enable/Disable Media Box
- Dicrectory to store files & URL to stored files
- File extensions allowed to upload
- Maximum upload size for image, set thumbnail size
- Bandwidth transfer limit
- ...

Admin CP: Group Settings (MANAGEMENT - Manage User Groups)
- Max total file space for all uploads
- Limit number of downloads per day
- Min. Number posts allowed to download
- Daily file transfer limit
- Max Number of storable songs in the playlist
- Allowed to play songs
- Allowed to download files
- Allowed to add songs
- Allowed to edit own songs and comments
- Allowed to delete own songs and comments
- Allowed to rate songs
- Allowed to comment on songs
- Allowed avoid moderation queues
- Allowed to moderate media module
- Allowed to access media page
- Allowed to access media page when offline

*Note: I got permission from ntd to share this major Mod with IBS Beyond.

Click here to download this file

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