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Download: Be Mine!


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File Name: Be Mine!
File Submitter: skinbydragonfly
File Submitted: 14 Feb 2006
File Category: Seasonal Skins

A lovely soft pink skin, featuring CSS "whole cell clickable" roll overs on the index and forum index pages, and all original graphics, along with full skinning for the Gallery and Blogs modules.

This skin is suitable not just for Valentines Day, but as a lovely pink option on your board all year round.

Please read the Agreement and installation text file contained in the pack.

This skin is a gift to the community from http://www.skinbydragonfly.com as a launch day gift.

There will be a paid for version with different graphics available shortly at IBUnique.com and for those of you who have been asking for it, yes it will be "Pretty in Pink" - the Next Gen!!!

Enjoy people, and Happy Valentines Day!!!

Love Kim

Click here to download this file


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