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Download: Mass PM Members 1.0.1


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File Name: Mass PM Members 1.0.1
File Submitter: ntd1712_merged
File Submitted: 17 Feb 2006
File Category: Modifications

Last Updated: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 01:26
- Number of PM's to send at a time
- It's a server intensive process and you don't want to ultimatly send to everyone at once on your forum unless you have like 50 member's.
- Send to usergroup only: you can specify if you want to send to ALL usergroup's or just 1 usergroup, helps if your wanting to Pm your admins or mods, or just members.
- Using Mass PM Members: go to ACP, click MANAGEMENT, point to Users and Groups, and then click Mass PM Members.

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File to upload:
.\sources\action_admin\masspm.php --> ./sources/action_admin/

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