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Download: Turkish Language Pack - Türkçe Dil Dosyasi by auzum


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File Name: Turkish Language Pack - Türkçe Dil Dosyasi by auzum
File Submitter: zurnik
File Submitted: 22 Feb 2006
File Category: Language Packs

Turkish Language Pack (Türkçe Dil Dosyasi) for: IPB 2.1.4

Some words are still in English but it's 99% translated.

Translate by auzum (an admin of www.showhaber.net)

The original translation has some bugs but I fixed them on my board and I exported this file from my board. It's working well.

You can have a look at kouforum.com for this file.

WARNING: Admin CP is NOT translated, it's all in English.

Click here to download this file

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