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Download: Trivia System 2.0.3


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File Name: Trivia System 2.0.3
File Submitter: Pred_merged
File Submitted: 20 Feb 2006
File Category: Components

Installing this mod will add a Trivia System to your website.
Features of this mod:

* Fully Integrated with Invision Power Board 2.1
* Ability to add questions manually, or import trivia pack files
* Intelligent importer, properly manages "Uword" (unscramble) entries, and can support unlimited filesizes (depending on server resources)
* ACP-Configurable
* Skin and language independent, fully editable via ACP
* All Admin actions logged
* Ability to hide, unhide, and delete questions (useful if you import a pack but don't want a specific question you find afterwards)
* Ability to set a session timeout, or leave unlimited (members can leave and return to an existing session)
* Ability to set per-question timeouts
* Stats page on main page
* Very simple to use, and fun!

Installing this mod will add a Trivia System to your website, configurable via the ACP.

You are here-by granted the right to use this Trivia System on your website for any reasonable purpose, whether the site be educational, non-profit, for-profit, commercial, religious, or regarding any legal subject so long as you LEAVE THE COPYRIGHT IN-TACT. If you remove the copyright from the Trivia System your license to use this code is revoked and you must remove the Trivia System from your site.

Files Edited:

* None

Click here to download this file

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