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Download: SubPortals v1.0


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File Name: SubPortals v1.0
File Submitter: ChrisMallard
File Submitted: 05 Mar 2006
File Category: Components

Read first: ... wait, that's kind of redundant, isn't it? Obviously you're going to read the "read first" part first since it's the first thing on the page. Anyways....

I meant to include this on this page when I originally posted the file. Guess I forgot. No surprise there! :)

This is a "pre-public" release of the SubPortals component. Honestly, I don't really mind if anyone sends it to a few non-IPSB friends to try out on their forums, but keep in mind it is not quite at the point where I'd like it to be considered "v1.0 FINAL".



So... what's this SubPortals thing all about?

A simple, straightforward answer would be "a customizable Portal system",
but that's almost TOO simple. That doesn't really do anything to distinguish
it from any other Portal.

How about "this component allows members to create their own Portal"?
Ah, now we're getting closer.
* enable/disable any member's Portal
* delete any Portal
* create a Portal for any registered user
* can enforce a "common" title (ie: "Chris's SubPortal")
* edit the basic settings on any Portal
* change plug-in permissions
* edit the settings on any plug-in
* enable/disable any plug-ins
* import new plug-ins
* force a plug-in to be displayed for selected groups in a specified position (ie: sponsors, advertisements, etc.)

June 11th, 2006

Development of this component is currently on a long-term halt. I've recently come into several fairly significant development contracts, and therefore will have little or no time over the next 12-18 months to work on this.

As for support, I may be here occasionally, but not nearly as often as may be necessary, especially since this component is not complete (a few loose ends, some inefficient code, a couple of unexpected bugs, etc.).

As of now, my best prediction is that I will not be able to do any development or support of this component for a loooong time.

Due to the length of time away from it, there's a good chance I won't be working on this component any further. I'd love to be able to fix all current bugs, finish and polish up some partially-completed code, and release an "official" version, but I just don't have the time.

Therefore, installing this component is done at your own risk, with the knowledge that the component is incomplete and will have little or no support!!!

If anyone wants to take over full development, or use parts of my code for their own projects, anyone is welcome to do so!

Thanks guys, it's been fun!

Click here to download this file

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