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Download: M&M Cocktails System 1.0.6

China J

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File Name: M&M Cocktails System 1.0.6
File Submitter: China J
File Submitted: 27 Mar 2006
File Category: Components

Cocktails System 1.0 © 2006, Mohamed & China J

All Coding written by mohamed aka M&M - Special copyrights and thxs goes to China J whom had great role in thinking and shaping of system look and build ,whom without i wouldn't have made it in that harmony.... :thumbs:

Component System
New Layout
Favorite Recipes
Manage Favorites
Favorites in catorgory view
Comments Section with smilies
Comments Section hide/unhide button - similar to fast reply Added
Add A Comment Section works just like Fast Reply in forums topics(Will Have button to open/close)
Total Comments to show per page added in ACP
Submitted By: Author Name (main Page View)
Total Recipes to display per page(added next to "sort" button) and option to set in ACP
Macro buttons to customize look and feel
IPB Style Rating System(similar to forums/blogs)
Unlimited Sub Categories
Unlimited Sub Categories of Sub Cats
Category editing/adding is setup like the forums
Re-order cats ability included.
Posts to Forums
Member Options Dropdown Menu
Added Teaser feature to Description with settings in ACP
New copyright feature - "About Cocktails" link - that details version, build, authors & credits.
Recipe preview with thumbnail
Moderation Queue for members recipes waiting approval link. Example: Manage Cocktails (5).
Member link that will display total new recipes since last visit - (5) New Cocktails - also acts as link to see new.
Imaged added to "recipe name view" to show Favorites Icon/Comments Icon/Ratings using stars instead of text
custom fields
pm system
subscription system
search system
members stats system
categories image feature
member info in topics/profile(number of cocktails)
-Functioning HOT! icon - Original was hot on submission only - This version is Hot based on comments. So if the setting is hot on 10 comments, it will be blue for less than 5 comments, purple for 6-9 comments and red -for 10 or more comments.
-Auto Change feature in installation to allow you to choose to install as a Tutorials/Recipes/Reviews/Jokes/Media/Artists/Cocktails System... All this to allow you to run side by side sharing same queries - meaning no extra queries added...Future release.

*some bugs in sources/mohamedmods/cocktail/coc_kernel.php
reupload it for upgrade

*security Holes Shutdown
important upgrade reupload all sources folder content

v 1.0.4
installer fix missing <![CDATA[

v 1.0.5
white page bug fixed
Just re-upload mod and run uninstall then re-run install again.
Minor bugs fixess 04/25/2006

Future Release
| Status = 100% Completed

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