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Download: IPB News: Website Integration


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File Name: IPB News: Website Integration
File Submitter: God69in
File Submitted: 26 Mar 2006
File Category: Integration Modules

A simple modification that allows you display your news topics from your forum onto your website.

Current Version [1.7.7]

New Feature
- Allows you to sort your news topics by the date they were posted or by the mot recently replied to news topics.

Bug fix
-Fixed emoticon support bug, for some forums located at subdomains IPB News could not display the emoticons.

Version [1.6.9]

Code Revision/Bug Fix:
IPB News will now automatically detect your database's sql prefix and adjust accordingy this should solve all of those unexplained "mysql_fetch_array()" errors.

Version [1.5.0]

Feature Additions

-New Feature added that allows you the option of whether or not your members can PM the news thread author via the mod. The PM option appears right after the posters name.

-Alpha release of an alternate display, you now have the ability to choose between two forms of display for the mod.

-IPB News now supports Emoticons!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that sometimes caused IPB News to make more then one connection to the DB.

Version History:

Version Features: [1.0.2]

Bug Fix:
-Fixed bug with v1.0.1's code revision that was supposed to allow for xml compliance but didn't...

Version Features: [1.0.1]

Code Revision:
-Changed the the way the "comments" link was formatted to allow for (what I hope to be) better xml compliance.

Version Features: [1.0.0]

Code Revision:
- news.php now reads off of your conf_global.php so there is no need to manually enter DB info.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed the incorrect date format, that caused the script to display the hour it was posted on as well.
-Fixed a bug that caused mySQL errors when there were less posts in the topic then you told the script to get. (i.e. 2 topics but script is told to display 4)

Version [0.9.3] Features:

Cleint Side (i.e. What regular members see and do)

* Comment Link -> Takes you to the latest post
* Reply Count -> Displays the number of current replies to the thread
* Read More… Link -> Takes you to the first post of the thread
* Date -> Displays thread creation date
* Author Porfile -> Thread poster's name auto links to their profile.

Server Side (i.e. What admins see and do)

* Ability to point the mod at any forum
* Ability to adjust the amount of news threads displayed

Click here to download this file

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