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Download: Perfect Points System with CP


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File Name: Perfect Points System with CP
File Submitter: Yo!
File Submitted: 09 Apr 2006
File Category: Modifications

There are a number of security holes in this modification. Please see this topic for more information.

Do you hate having to type in your password to get into your IPB ACP, then having to navigate from page to page to adjust one, or more, member's point.

If that's the case, the Perfect Points System with Contro Panel for IPB v2.1 is for you.

  • Using your IPB ACP
  • You can set diffferent earnings amounts in different forums
  • You can even set forums up to take points away from members
  • Secure Admin Control Panel
  • No password needed for entry
  • Access controled by user name rather than group numbers
  • Retrieve members points total
  • Adjust members points total
  • Transfer points between members
  • Everything you need on one page.
New install, or upgrade from the Perfect Points System v1.0.1

error in the instructions for editing mysql_queries.php
fixed some minor bugs
Now uses member display names
Corrected some minor errors in instructions
No longer ixed

Click here to download this file
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