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Download: Arcade Statistics 1.7.5


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File Name: Arcade Statistics 1.7.5
File Submitter: JeremyStCyr
File Submitted: 10 Apr 2006
File Category: Modifications

Welcome to Arcade Statistics 1.7.5

Here is what this baby does!

you can turn down the querys as there is 10 settings which Pred done.
You can now collapse and expand it which pred also did
The one edit was done by me :)
and other edits done by both me and Pred :)

2 edit mod and add acp options via tools and settings.

Files to edit

(1) new template via ACP

any question about this version feel free to ask its fully supported by either me or Pred :)

here is a preview of this mod :)

Click here to download this file

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