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Download: IPSBeyond Skin!


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File Name: IPSBeyond Skin!
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 13 Apr 2006
File Category: Professional Skins

File Updated September 12, 2006.
IPB ImageThe "Contact Us" link was hard coded to the administrative e-mail of IPSBeyond.
IPB ImageThe "Customer Center" link was removed.
Edit the "Contact Us" link in the bottom of All Global HTML > global_board_header.

File Updated August 11, 2006.
Includes Linear+ and Outline fixes, IDM Compatibility, bfarber Links compatibility, and a few other minor flaw fixes.

If you have a bug to report with the skin, and can replicate it on IPS Beyond, please report it in the feedback forum.

It's finally here!

We realize many members have been waiting, and waiting, for this skin to be released, so without further ado, here it is.

Warning: Most everything has been fixed with this skin, however, there are still a few minor quirks the developer is working on. Please see the "known issues" section for specifics.

Upload the images set and specify a directory under the Skin Import/Export section in the Look and Feel tab. Make sure you upload the images under the images block. Then upload the skin in the skin section and specify a name. Lastly, go to the Skin Manager section, edit the Beyond skin, and assign the newly created images directory to the Beyond skin.

Note: This skin does NOT work properly if you set your board "IN_DEV". You shouldn't be doing that on a live site anyways, so be forewarned.

Please report glitches/bugs/oddities/requests to the linked support topic.

Includes Gallery and Blog templates.

And finally, enjoy. :)

Click here to download this file

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