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Download: M&M RSVP Event System v3.0.1


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File Name: M&M RSVP Event System v3.0.1
File Submitter: .mohamed
File Submitted: 20 Apr 2006
File Category: Components

Installing this mod will add an Event System to your website, configurable via the ACP. You can use this to take signups or
reservations for a range of possibilities, including (but not limited to): Petitions, competitions, reservations, census, polls, etc.

Reserve your copy of this unique & powerful sign up system which will allow you to host unlimited events for your members to sign up/Rsvp. This system will allow you to host multiple event signups concurrently such as product reservations, seatings at an event, signups for competitions held, reserve installation service, parties and much much more.

see testboard for more info

this based on the paid one RSVP Coyote System Version 2.0.6 written by bfarber and funded by China J.......permission given to me from both to do this mod for free for 2.1.x.............

Fixed problem in defaults file

goodluck and enjoy

Click here to download this file

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