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Download: ACP Mod for 2.1.x RC3


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File Name: ACP Mod for 2.1.x RC3
File Submitter: nightfox_pc_asst
File Submitted: 19 Apr 2006
File Category: Modifications

ACP Panel Mod RC3

Please note this is Release Canidate 3, I am adding a few more features and would like those who download this new version to submit bug errors to the support area of this download, thanks.

Special thanks to the members here who helped me with the 'Member Name' coding

Now you can make your ACP panel of your 2.1.x Invision Power Board look like the new and upcoming 2.2v.

  • This mod changes the Main Tabs in the ACP Panel and new icons.
  • Also this mod also has relocated the Navigation bar to under the tabs just like IPB 2.2
  • New clickable IPB link that takes you to IPB Forums
  • New colors and left menu has been changed to look like 2.2
  • New Member Name shown in nav bar.
  • New Logout feature in nav bar now works like 2.2
  • New ACP Redirect now matches the one in 2.2
  • New User Icon in Admin & Mod Logs
  • New New Dropdown Menu & Icons for Skin Editor
More to follow, a few images are missing, will be added in RC4

To install, Simply download and unpack the zip file and then using FTP or your file manager follow these steps below::

(Backup all files first that are going to be over written)
  • Go to where your fourms are located on the server
  • Go to Skin_ACP
  • Copy the Skin_ACP folder and over write all files there.
  • Copy the Sources folder and over write the two files it prompts you to.
  • Your done! Now you can logon to your new ACP.
Compatible with Firefox and IE browsers

**Changes posted in RED

Click here to download this file
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