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Download: PDA Skin


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File Name: PDA Skin
File Submitter: app-o-rama.com
File Submitted: 02 May 2006
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins

The PDA Skin is a family of skins. The default skin (using a light background and blue coloring) is available for download here. The skin family has been optimized for:


  • Display on small screens (although it works great on large screens too)
  • Minimal bandwidth usage
  • Retain core functionality
Bandwidth usage is slightly more than the Lo-Fi mode provided by IPB, but users can still post/reply, check PMs, search, mark all as read, etc...

These skins may be downloaded and used at no charge. You may not make any modifications to the skin except as outlined here.

A copyright removal license may be purchased (details here). You may not redistribute any skin that is derived from the PDA Skin family of skins.

Installation instructions and details regarding other color schemes are available here.

We are interested in your feedback on how to make this skin the best it can be, so feel free to make suggestions on how it can be improved.


6-17-2006: [v1.0-06-17-2006] Added border around Rich Text Editing box.

Click here to download this file
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