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Download: ibProArcade v2.5.5 for IPB v2.0.x


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File Name: ibProArcade v2.5.5 for IPB v2.0.x
File Submitter: Tribalize
File Submitted: 24 May 2006
File Category: Major Modifications

Here it is folks. ibProArcade has not only been updated to work with IPB v2.0.x, but also has been combed over and all of the security holes have been patched. This is the arcade module has a huge amount of features. Some of which are:

* Full integration into IPB (skin, lang, users show up in online list, etc.)
* Champion crowns are shown in forum posts.
* Game sorting can be changed on a user by user basis
* Super easy TAR game installation allows you to install a game with one click!
* Tournament system allows users to compete against eachother in either a 2, 4, or 8 player tourney.
* High scoring module can either only accept the highest score for each member, or multiple scores from each member.
* Category system allows you to keep all of your games organized.
* Per usergroup permissions allows you to grant different levels of access to different groups.
* Favorites system allows each user to select their favorite games and keep them in a seperate list.
* Rankings engine shows full stats on how many games you've played, the different rankings you've achieved, etc.
* Admin CP is extremely advanced and allows you to control every little function in the arcade.
* Extremely easy install process.

There's so many features with ibProArcade it's hard to list them all. If you haven't tried it yet, pick it up now for your Invision Power Board v2.0.x!

Thanks To Mohammed And Will For All The Help And Securing This Great Mod
Support For The Arcade Has Moved To http://www.ibparcade.com/

Click here to download this file

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