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Download: Cog Noggin - a Blog only skin


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File Name: Cog Noggin - a Blog only skin
File Submitter: putermom_merged
File Submitted: 05 Jun 2006
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins



  • This skin requires the Invision Community Blog 1.2.X.
  • This skin is NOT to be used for the forums, this is a blog only skin.
  • It does not support gallery. I do not have gallery and so could not make make buttons, edits, etc. to gallery.
  • I'm not a skinner, so I will be able to provide very limited support.
  • The skin works with IE6 and Firefox 1.5.

This blog skin is designed to coordinate with IPB default skin. It is based on the default skin. Changes were made to both the css and the templates to make a blog-looking skin. Inside the zipped package are instructions for installing the skin and making it a blog-only skin. It is very important that you follow the instructions and not skip over anything. :)

It seemed there was a need for a blog skin and though I am not a skinner and it makes me nervous to offer a skin, I decided to offer one of the blog skins that I've made. I hope your members like it. :)


Click here to download this file
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