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Download: (BBR21) IM Links Restored v2.1.0

Will L.

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File Name: (BBR21) IM Links Restored v2.1.0
File Submitter: Will L.
File Submitted: 05 Jun 2006
File Category: Modifications

This adds the functionality back into IPB to use links to members' IM accounts, just like it used to be in 1.3 (even better actually, because now the profile page works the same way).
Files Affected:


Changed in v2.1.0:

removed contact_member.php edit
fixed installer for better reading
fixed all links to my forums to reflect new forums
tweaked current code for optimization

Changed in v2.0.0:

converted to work with IPB 2.1.x
tweaked current code for optimization

FuSoYa has handed this mod over to me to convert

Click here to download this file

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