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Download: Check for admins


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File Name: Check for admins
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 11 Jul 2006
File Category: IPB 2.1.x Tools

This tool will check for any users in your database that have access to the administrative control panel, including users whose primary and whose secondary groups give them access.

It has been seen where a hacker who has once gained access to the ACP will upgrade an account of their's setting their SECONDARY group to have ACP access, and in IPB 2.1 there isn't a clear cut way to see this via the board. This tool will find all those users, show you their member groups and IP addresses, so you can go in and remove any from your ACP that shouldn't have access.

Credit for this script goes to Matt, I'm just adding it on his behalf

Click here to download this file

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