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Download: Shell: IPB File Checker


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File Name: Shell: IPB File Checker
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 11 Jul 2006
File Category: IPB 2.1.x Tools

This tool must be run from your shell (i.e. SSH) - it is not designed to be run via a web browser.

Upload this file to a directory php can execute, and then via SSH (or Telnet/Command Prompt/etc.) cd to the directory and type in:

The script will check for any non-IPB files and report them in the filename.txt file you specify (you can change this filename and/or specify a path to have it generated in a different location).

Be careful though - if you upload any non-IPB files (i.e. modifications) they will be reported here as well. Again, be sure what you are deleting before removing anything.

Click here to download this file

php shell_global_check.php > filename.txt
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