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Download: [S & CJ] - Admin Account Restore Tool 1.0.1


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File Name: [S & CJ] - Admin Account Restore Tool 1.0.1
File Submitter: sully
File Submitted: 22 Jul 2006
File Category: IPB 2.1.x Tools

Don't you just hate all those people doing their level best to hack Invision Power Board forums? Destroying data, adding viruses & Trojans, locking admins out of the ACP etc. And to top it all off - you don't have any access to a tool like phpMyAdmin to run a SQL Query to restore the accounts back to normal!

Never fear, with this tool developed by Sully & CJVJ - just fill out a small form, click one button and ta-da: The Admin Account is restored. Simple as!

We hope you will find this product useful, as we enjoyed making it to assist admins in their troubles after being hacked!

Tool History:

  • 1.0 -- First initial release of tool -- July 23rd 2006.
  • 1.0.1 -- Bug fixes & some other minor fixes / additions -- September 17th 2006.

Click here to download this file
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