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Download: JLogica :: Subscription required for download


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File Name: JLogica :: Subscription required for download
File Submitter: jenolan
File Submitted: 20 Jul 2006
File Category: IDM 1.0 Modifications

Modification Description: This modification adds the ability to require a Subscription (from within IP.B) to download from selected IDM categories


  • Each category can have a required subscription to access files
  • Selection of the optional subscription is done via the ACP
Files Affected:
  • modules\downloads\downloads.php
  • modules/downloads/submit.php
  • modules/downloads/admin/ad_downloads_cats.php
  • sources/sql/mysql_idm_queries.php
  • sources/handlers/hansubscriptions.php
  • sources/action_public/paysubscriptions.php
Database Changes:
  • New field 'cpackage'in table ibf_downloads_categories
Modification History:
  • v1.0 Initial release
ChinaJ :: For the idea
BrandonC :: Testing

Note: No screenshot because it is all back end processing

IP.Download v1.2.x Support Now an enhanced version available see JLogica

Click here to download this file
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