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Download: IPS Beyond skin - IDM Customizations


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File Name: IPS Beyond skin - IDM Customizations
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 01 Aug 2006
File Category: IDM 1.0 Modifications

This is a copy of the original IPS Beyond skin with the IDM modifications to the skin file.

Upload the images set and specify a directory under the Skin Import/Export section in the Look and Feel tab. Make sure you upload the images under the images block. Then upload the skin in the skin section and specify a name. Lastly, go to the Skin Manager section, edit the Beyond skin, and assign the newly created images directory to the Beyond skin.

Note: This skin does NOT work properly if you set your board "IN_DEV". You shouldn't be doing that on a live site anyways, so be forewarned.

Please report glitches/bugs/oddities/requests to the linked support topic.

Includes Gallery, Blog, and IDM templates.

Click here to download this file

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