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Download: Member Last Used IP (Internet Protocol) in Profile View


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File Name: Member Last Used IP (Internet Protocol) in Profile View
File Submitter:
File Submitted: 02 Aug 2006
File Category: Modifications

This modification shows (in the Profile View, besides member's "Last Active" time) the "LAST-USED IP" of a member. You can use ACP to control which member groups to have the permission of viewing this information.

How is this useful?
You can use a Super Admin account to see the currently-used IP of a member when he is online, but when he logs off, this information is lost! As an admin you can also see a user's IP when he posts in your board, but what about leeches/lurkers who don't post at all? This mod will help you log the last used IP of ANY member, regardless of whether he has posted in your forum, and/or is offline. It is a useful tool if you are constantly hit with troublemakers.

Credits go to d1 for first including this feature in his WWO mod for IPB v2.0.x.

Mod Info:
Install Difficulty: EASY
Est Install Time: 7 Minutes

Upload Files:

Files To Edit:


How It Looks Like:
IPB Image

Other Info:
For those using IPB2.0.x, a similar mod can be found here:

13/08/2006: Tidy up the instructional file as there's a tendency that members might edit the wrong line in class_session.php

17/08/2006: IP now clickable. Members (Admin, SuperMod) who have access to IP Address Look-up Tool may click IP to resolve.

Click here to download this file

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