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Download: Google AdSense Inside the First Post


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File Name: Google AdSense Inside the First Post
File Submitter: lajuergapadre
File Submitted: 03 Aug 2006
File Category: Modifications

Modification Description:
With this mod you can insert the Google AdSense code inside the first post.
This won't affect the content of the post, so if you edit the post you won't see the AdSense code and when you finish the edit you'll see it again...

Files Affected:

  • ./sources/lib/func_topic_linear.php
Time to install it: 2 minutes (approx)

Instructions in spanish (Instrucciones en español):
Google Adsense Dentro Del Primer Post

Look this second ScreenShot too:IPB Image
..so you're gonna understand fine the mod.

Click here to download this file
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