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Download: Who Viewed This Topic WVTT with Group Permission


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File Name: Who Viewed This Topic WVTT with Group Permission
File Submitter:
File Submitted: 08 Aug 2006
File Category: Mid-Scale Modifications

This modification will allow member to see who viewed a topic and how many times they have viewed it. It also lets you set permissions in the ACP for which user group you would like to be able to use this function. A window will pop-up when an allowed user clicks on the Views Count (besides the Topic Starter column).

Mod Info:
Install Difficulty: Moderate
Est Install Time: 15-20 Minutes

Upload Files:

Files To Edit:


Credits go to ryder2002 for first coding this mod for IPB1.3 AND albi_kabir for adding the ACP-controlled permissions codes.

How It Looks Like:

<<Permitted User:>>
IPB Image
A window pops up when user click on the View Count

<<Non Permitted User:>>
IPB Image
View Count will appear normal and non-clickable to these users.

Other Info:
For those using IPB2.1.x, a similar mod can be found here:

Click here to download this file

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