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Download: Portal System Plugin: About-Us Mini-CMS page


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File Name: Portal System Plugin: About-Us Mini-CMS page
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 21 Aug 2006
File Category: XML Imports, Tasks, and Plugins

This plugin is slightly more sophisticated than most, and is the start of the mini-CMS capabilities in the bfarber Portal system.

Open the /cfg/portal_plugins/about_us_template.html page included and configure the about us html page - use whatever HTML you wish to use. Then upload the folder to your /cfg/portal_plugins/ folder.

In the ACP, enable the plugin. It does not matter where this plugin is positioned on the layout screen.

Finally, add a new navigation entry pointing to index.php?autocom=portal&about=1

When a user clicks the link, the about us html page displays in the center column in place of the news. You can create replicas of this, and I fully authorize any plugin developers to use this plugin as a base for more sophisticated mini-CMS pages.


Click here to download this file

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