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Download: bfarber's Portal System Plugin: ibProArcade Addon Package


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File Name: bfarber's Portal System Plugin: ibProArcade Addon Package
File Submitter: stlmike28
File Submitted: 26 Sep 2006
File Category: XML Imports, Tasks, and Plugins

The following zip includes

Newest Games
Random Games
Popular Games
Whos in Arcade w/ the the arcade stats
Arcade Champions by Wins
Arcade League Leaders
Latest Arcade Champions
Latest Arcade Scores

Theres one small edit that needs to be done to the index.php

If you have installed any Addon for the Arcade you may ignore this edit.

Open index.php

Remeber if you installed any Addon that came with ibProArcade 3.1.0 you can ignore the above edit.

Click here to download this file

$ipsclass->cache_array = array_merge( $choice[ $ipsclass->input['_low_act'] ][2], array('rss_calendar',

Replace with

$ipsclass->cache_array = array_merge( $choice[ $ipsclass->input['_low_act'] ][2], array('rss_calendar', 'arcade_stats' , 'arcade_cats', 'arcade_leaders', 'arcade_champs' , 

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