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Download: -IBM- Topic title Colored (IPB 3)

Amged Osman

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File Name: -IBM- Topic title Colored (IPB 3)
File Submitter: Sacred
File Submitted: 23 Dec 2008
File Category: Modifications

Gives you the ability to add color,background,font weight, font style to your topic title, all over the site..

Show color on Topic View.
Show color on Forum View
Show color on Board Index
Group Permissions

Files Affected

* admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/forums/class_forums.php
* admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPost.php
* admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPostForms.php

Click here to download this file

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Shall I edit all the file editin ACP that is listet,I can't find all this admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/forums/class_forums.php
* admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPost.php
* admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPostForms.php ?

I can't see how it should work :unsure: or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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