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Download: M&M_Announce System_v3.0.2


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File Name: M&M_Announce System_v3.0.2
File Submitter: .mohamed
File Submitted: 03 Oct 2006
File Category: Modifications

A system that adds announcement to board index allowing you choosing from 5 types of displaying forms including "hover" with Timer all settable fron admincp / Tools and Settings / Announce System


* Only one Skin Edits .
* Rest done By Installers .


*Three Types Of Forms :: 1) Hover , 2) Box , 3) News .
* Timer For Hover Type To disappear.
*hover Type move With Scroller.

*Another type added:: SlideNews
*Ability of editing Announce Title
*More javascript less edits.

*Alarm Type added
*Fixed something in slider that caused it to stuck sometimes and also to allow some html in it.

* Slide type support html
* to upgrade from v3.0.1/3 just redo first edit in boardindex / pagetop

Expected in nex version v3-E

*Choosing groups to only show Announce to.
*Allowig smilies [Emoticons] and BBCode in announce.
*Setting Number of times to display announce to a member.
*Settting Timer for Announce System to turn off.

For More Info See Demo Link.

Click here to download this file

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