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Download: Advanced CAPTCHA

Zero Tolerance

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File Name: Advanced CAPTCHA
File Submitter: Zero Tolerance
File Submitted: 03 Oct 2006
File Category: Modifications

This modification will alter the default GD image processing library created by Invision Power Board 2.1.x, which can easily be cracked by bots.


Font Processing: (Per each letter)
- Random fonts (you can also remove or add your own font files to customise the captcha)
- Random 'multiple' coloursing, fonts can display with 1 solid colour or at times appear in multi-colors
- Random slanting, the font is skewed randomly from left to right
- Random positioning, the font is positioned randomly in both x and y dimensions

Background Processing:
- Random backgrounds (you can also remove or add your own background images to use)
- Random coloured lines
- Random coloured 'arcs' (curved lines)

GD2 Support.
TrueType2 Support.
(Re-compiling apache/php with these options enabled will give you this functionality, if you encounter problems contact your host to see if you can get these librarys).
Security settings in IPB ACP (General Settings -> Security And Privacy) has 'Advanced (Requires GD Library)' selected.

It may appear sometimes the image outputs too obscure for humans to read (in some cases), but this to me is a much better CAPTCHA, developed because a client of mine kept getting their IPB forum spammed by bots.

Once installed if the CAPTCHA image appears as a red x it is likely you do not have GD or truetype support, contact your host for more information and disable this modification.

Enjoy everyone :)

- Zero Tolerance

Click here to download this file

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