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Download: [FINAL] Edit logs


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File Name: [FINAL] Edit logs
File Submitter: Alex
File Submitted: 17 Oct 2006
File Category: Modifications

This is the readme for the IPB 2.1.x modification, Edit logs FINAL 1.1.

This readme will guide you through the steps you must follow in order to get this modification installed correctly on your Invision Power Board.
Its finally here, thankyou for everyone who tried Private BETA 1 (ID #1), PUBLIC BETA 1 (ID #2), RC 1 (ID #3), and RC 2 (ID #4), without you FINAL would not be here at this present time. However I believe there are a handful of skin bugs (Not code bugs) in the software due to the form issues, so I ask all bugs to be reported at the link below.
As there are still a couple of bugs out there I request all Bugs to be placed in one place, in our bug tracker, the correct URL is http://www.habbo-wide.net/forum/index.php?...p;showproject=3 and in the title you should put [FINAL]. Bugs with prefixes such as [B1] or [PB1] or [RC1] refer to the version and all these are now old, however if there is a old bug which still remains, please do not reply to that bug as I will notice [RC] etc., please repost the bug but in the title rename it [FINAL] Bug name. Thank-you

Files to upload:

  • /mod_install/aheditlogs.xml to /mod_install
  • /sources/components_acp/aheditlogs.php
Files edited:
  • /sources/classes/post/class_post_edit.php
  • Invision Power Board 2.1
  • FTP Client
  • Universal Mod Installer

Edit logs is a must for sites which have alot of moderating, this could be used in several ways to check a reported post to see if the author changed it quickly, you could check the logs and find the original reported post.

At the moment it only records post edits, however in FINAL, it will be renamed Edit Center.

Click here to download this file
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