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Download: Change Member ID


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File Name: Change Member ID
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 27 Oct 2006
File Category: Components

This component allows you to change a member's ID #.

It updates all appropriate IPB tables.

Additionally, it supports all official IPB components (Blog, Gallery, and IDM).
Finally, it also supports my Links System, and Ineo.

I made it for IPS Beyond here, and decided to share.

In ACP, Admin tab, click Manage components, and in the upload field at the bottom of the page, browe for the included components.xml file and import it. Upload the memberid.php file to your sources/components_acp/ folder. Afterwards, you'll have a new menu under the Components tab where you can change a member's ID from.

// Bug fix 11/6/2006
--If you have topic markers in the DB from the new id still (i.e. you are changing a member id to an id that previously existed), an SQL error could occur due to the unique key setup of the topic_markers table. Fixed.

Click here to download this file

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