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Download: D22-Statistics v1.1


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File Name: D22-Statistics v1.1
File Submitter: .Logan
File Submitted: 26 Oct 2006
File Category: Modifications

This mod shows many different statistics regarding the forum and members. Which statistics to be shown and the amount of each can all be configured via the ACP.

This mod was designed to be installed using the Universal Mod Installer, available from D-Scripting, IPSBeyond or Invision Modding.

Files Affected:
This modification does not require any files to be edited.



  • Added 2 new stats modules - Top rated topics & top rated members
  • Tweaked the look of the stats page on the forums
  • Redid the Admin CP GUI for the stats (New 'cool' way to reorder stat modules & settings blocks -- click and drag!)
  • Fixed a couple issues in the stats where it was using members 'login name' instead of 'display name'
  • Added 'dynamic' member name menus

Click here to download this file
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