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Download: Links System 3.0.0


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File Name: Links System 3.0.0
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 12 Nov 2006
File Category: Components

Please note - v3.0.0 is the first release of the Links System for IPB 2.2, and the first release to use Michael's Mod Installer. There may be kinks I need to work out in the very first release, and if so I expect your patience - until this description is updated, consider this an "RC" release.

Features of this mod:

  • Fully Integrated with Invision Power Board 2.2
  • Uses IPB 2.2's Component System. 0 File and Skin edits required
  • Uses Michael's Mod Installer for easy installation and uninstallation
  • Settings are configurable through the ACP
  • Group permissions configurable through ACP
  • Skin and language independent, fully editable via ACP
  • All Admin actions logged
  • All Mod actions logged
  • Unlimited subcategories supported
  • Ability to add, edit, and delete weblinks (permissions configurable per group)
  • Ability to upload a link "button" or "image"
  • Ability to update the default weblink button via the ACP
  • Uses IPB's cache system to reduce DB Queries and save resources
  • Ability to Search Weblinks
  • Ability to Hide and Unhide links (set a link open or close)
  • Ability to Hide and Unhide categories (set the cat open or close)
  • Ability to rate links (permissions configurable per group)
  • Ability to comment on links (permissions configurable per group)
  • Ability to report broken links (permissions configurable per group)
  • Random weblink block (configurable in ACP)
  • Notes section (configurable in ACP)
  • Top Link Submitters section (configurable in ACP)
  • Affiliates block (ACP configurable)
  • Linkback code with ability to upload/remove images (ACP configurable)

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