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Download: Cobalt Blue JSF v1.0 (2.2 Version)

Andrew J

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File Name: Cobalt Blue JSF v1.0 (2.2 Version)
File Submitter: Andrew J
File Submitted: 07 Dec 2006
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

Note: This is exactly the same as our 2.1 version this has just been updated to work on IPB 2.2

Ok this skin is in its early stages and I am releasing it merely as a means for people to give me some feedback on what i should do.

The following things are finished


  • Header image and Logo
  • Category Header Image
  • Background (might change it if need be)
I have some forum icons left to customize as well a tweak the layout a bit

Please let me know any suggestions comments excetera and I will update this file as I get it more completed

Thanks to MetalFrog for help with header and logo meshing and Range for help with the logo

I have also added a link to the skin on my site below int he demo link section. This link will set the skin upon reaching my site so you can see it

Changes from .03-.10
The main changes are that the My Assistant box is done as well as all of the CSS (unless i missed something).

Almost all the topic view and post view icons are done.

Renderrow changed and the blog header has been fixed

Version .50
Latest edition of this sking not much has changed since the last one just some minor changes like forum markers and such. last release before 1.0

Version 1.0 is comming! here is a list of features it will include
  • All buttons will be finished for the board blog and gallery - Will be in the 1.1 release
  • CSS will be completed to reflect the changes related to the skin
  • Link to Skin support will be added next to copyright
That is just a basic list we will post a full list prior to release. This will be considered the final release.

It should be noted that I do not intend to make a 2.2 compliant version as I am not familar with the skin changes yet (might convert it later) however feal free to convert the skin yourself just make sure to keep the copyright intact.

Upcomming possible skins "Ruby JSF" "Green JSF" and a new skin completely different called "Essential Blue JSF" these are considered in the planning stages and may or maynot be release. I am still a learning skin developer so I hope each one will get better with ever skin i develop.

Updated 12-7-06
Please report any problems to our ticket system located Here. Please make sure to use the skin support category when reporting a bug or error.

We are aware of images in this skin set that are no longer used ethier due to us changing our images or IPS not cleaning out the default image folder when they released the version of 2.1 we based this skin on.

Please feel free to list images that are no longer used and we will delete them form the image folder and create a new image set.

Ok I noticed that Recently

Click here to download this file
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