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Download: PHCDL V2.01


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File Name: PHCDL V2.01
File Submitter: mrmaybe_merged
File Submitted: 08 Dec 2006
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

File Name: PHCDLv2
Author: MrMaybe
Category: IPB v2.2.x Skins
Soft blue skin for IPB 2.2 only, based on a free downloads script (with permission form the author) from PHP Credo.

* Contents
Skin file
Images file
Blank logo

Please check the Readme.txt for more info.

now includes corrected blank banner (the colour was slightly off)
missing images from the RTE added.
Fast reply fixed

:moderator/Admin note - check here to see the permission being given for me to make the skin.. :)

Click here to download this file


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