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Download: IPB 2.2 Blue-Gray


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File Name: IPB 2.2 Blue-Gray
File Submitter: Im4eversmart_merged
File Submitted: 11 Dec 2006
File Category: Light Skins

IPB 2.2 Blue-Gray for IPB 2.2.x


Created by Im4eversmart, default skin files by Invision Power


This skin is a blue-gray version of the IPB 2.2.x Default Skin, upgraded from my 2.1.x version. If you need any help you can email me at Im4eversmart@gmail.com


To install:
1) Go to your Admin CP, Look and Feel, Skins & Templates, Skin Import/Export
2) Import skin template ipb_skin-bluegray.xml
3) Import skin images ipb_images-bluegray.xml
4) Go to Skin Manager, select IPB 2.2 Blue-Gray then Edit Settings
5) Under Image Options, change the image directory to style_images/bluegray


All Invision Power Modules Supported (Gallery, Blogs, Download Manager)



Click here to download this file


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