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Download: (FWS22) Master Ban Filter List (E-Mails, Usernames, IPs)


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File Name: (FWS22) Master Ban Filter List (E-Mails, Usernames, IPs)
File Submitter: StealthAgent87_merged
File Submitted: 12 Dec 2006
File Category: XML Imports, Tasks, and Plugins


The newest version of this filter will prevent spammers, hackers, and other people that don't belong on your forums from gaining access, viewing, or registering on your forums. Prevent / block those stupid Viagra bots, people that are uploading harmful scripts or posting advertisements all over your forums when you are offline.

Pre-Upload Requirement

Before you can upload this file you will need to install the DevFuse Ban Filter Importer / Exporter which enables you to upload my filter that I compile monthly from various sources. You can find the file on:

Filter Information

The filter contains various known spammer IP addresses, e-mails, usernames, along with other malicious data. The filter prevents them from registering, viewing, or accessing your site. We compile our information from various websites that post information about the latest spammer information, our own collection methods, Askimet, and Project Honey Pot.

If you feel we have added something as a mistake please e-mail us or send a PM to me and we can check it out. If you would like something added to the list please post in the support topic or visit our forums.

Future Release Information

We are currently developing:
  • A massive spam harvesting website, which is currently underway. Taking e-mails, trackbacks, IPs, ect.
  • An automatic installer that will run and update your forums ban filter information
  • A large SQL query list that you can run to update your ban filters
  • Support for Michaels (Fusoya's) Ban Filter Reasons so you can identify why someone was banned, ect.

2.3 - Fixed Directory Structure to Prevent Upload Error with XML File being renamed, 2 Hacker IPs Added, Various Spam Data Added
2.2 - Fixed File Extension Error - This Time its Totally Fixed, Sporatic Hotmail Errors Fixed Too
2.2 - Fixed File Extension Error, Fixed Hotmail Issue (hopefully, if not post), 904 Entries to Date
2.1 - Biggest Update Yet 201 New Entries that are Unique - Spam Bots, Viagra Bots, and more Spammers
2.0 - Updated Filters, included adult bots, spam bots, and a advertising bot, bunch hacking IPs [High Priority]
1.4 - Updated Filters, included some user names / bot IPs, and warez prevention
1.3 - Fixed Read Me Issue, Added more E-mails, IPs
1.2 - Updated Filter List, Single file to upload
1.1 - Updated Filter List, Created Read Me
1.0 - First Release

Click here to download this file
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