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Download: Chars convert for ipb 2.2.x


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File Name: Chars convert for ipb 2.2.x
File Submitter: Spanner
File Submitted: 15 Dec 2006
File Category: IPB 2.2.x / 2.3.x Tools

Script to convert chars with "iso-8859-2, windows_1250, utf8, ascii_iso_8859_2, ascii_windows_1250" to "iso-8859-2, windows_1250, utf8, ascii_iso_8859_2, ascii_windows_1250" in MySQL


1. Unrar
2. Read "READ ME.txt"
3. upload convert.php to Root folder. the same as conf_global.php
4. go to http://forum.url.com/convert.php
5. chose source coding
6. chose result coding
7. click "rozpocznij Konwersję" button

Click here to download this file

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