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Download: Weather Station v3


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File Name: Weather Station v3
File Submitter: seanukxp
File Submitted: 15 Dec 2006
File Category: Modifications

A weather-based modification for your IP.Board that allows you and your members to be able to view great UK satellite images that are brought to you by http://www.meteorologica.info/.

You can now check for the latest news, updates and addons for the mod via the all new WS Administration Area!
All of the javascript functions for the popups are now held in their own .js file.
New edits..... The Administration Area can only been seen by Admins of your board. A link will be shown next to the Admin CP link in the member's bar to Admins.
Online list edit... You can now see via the online list who's viewing the weather station on your board.
You get to choose the url to the WeatherStation's Admin area. For example...
You can even have /index.php?act=wsacp OR /index.php?act=dipstick if you wanted to :lol: .

Anyway there are many more features available.
Please Note this will probaly (not sure yet) the last of my mods to be submitted to IPSBeyond.
I might hold all the downloadable files on my server instead.
And will start my own Support forum for this aswell shourtly.


Weather Station v3 made by seanukxp at the ABC Board.

Click here to download this file

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