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Download: (M22) Auto Welcome 1.3


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File Name: (M22) Auto Welcome 1.3
File Submitter: Michael John
File Submitted: 16 Dec 2006
File Category: Modifications

First impressions always count, now have the option to automatically welcome members by Welcome PM, Welcome Email or Welcome Topic, enable or disable them at any time.

December 16th 2006 Update: This version includes a fix for the bug that was reported when an admin approved more than 1 account at once.

January 8th 2007 Update: New feature additions.
- Allow the Auto Welcome for Manual Add Member.
- Integrated the RTE for welcome PM and welcome topic.
- Increment Users Post Count optional for topic starter.
- Option to set welcome topic starter as member who is registering

Support Topics:

Click here to download this file

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