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Download: Added Phishing Security for IPB 2.2 [TGFX]


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File Name: Added Phishing Security for IPB 2.2 [TGFX]
File Submitter: Ipix
File Submitted: 17 Dec 2006
File Category: Modifications

This simple javascript mod generates a pop-up message everytime a link from outside your domain is clicked.


A phisher site that is imitating your website's login to steal your member's accounts has posted their link on your site. When a user accidentally clicks on that link, they are notified with a message similar to this one:

Thus eliminating the element of surprise and making it a whole lot harder for phisher scammers to scam your site. No surprises, no accidents. :)

Special Thanks:

TGFX - http://www.truegfx.com/
Ntd1712 - http://www.invisionviet.net/
Shmohel - http://recipetavern.com/
Tenjuna - http://www.dtrades.org/

Click here to download this file

NOTICE: the link you just followed is NOT a part of TrueGFX.com. If the page you are directed to looks like it's TrueGFX.com, DO NOT enter your username and password! This means it's a phishing page trying to steal your account, please report this link as soon as possible.

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