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Download: [SS] EZ Ban v1.0


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File Name: [SS] EZ Ban v1.0
File Submitter: SageStone
File Submitted: 17 Dec 2006
File Category: Modifications

/ [SS] SageStone Modding
/ © 2006
/ ------------------------------------------
/ EZ Ban v1.0
/ IPB 2.2.0
/ ------------------------------------------
/ You MAY edit this modification to suit your
/ needs, but you MAY NOT claim it as your own,
/ sell it for a profit, or remove any sort of
/ copyright on this modification.

With this modification, you may "Ban" users through the Warn Center. If "Yes" is selected, it will move the user to the Banned Usergroup (usergroup #5). However, the usergroup #4 (Root Admin) cannot be banned using this; it is a security feature I have added. =)


Click here to download this file

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