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Download: Silverscreen 2.2.0 Skin v1.0


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File Name: Silverscreen 2.2.0 Skin v1.0
File Submitter: Kibbles
File Submitted: 17 Dec 2006
File Category: Light Skins

This is my first public release skin, apologies if any images are missing. This skin, Silverscreen, is a metallic, light skin designed to be simple and quite easy on the eyes. The buttons are different on the demo to the uploaded file, as is the logo, because the demo is the one designed for the site [Tutorial Zone]. The buttons are different because you wouldn't want a site called Code X to have buttons saying TZ, that would be silly. Regular updates will be available here or at the demo site, which I shall supply all my skins to in future.
Enjoy the skin and report any issues you encounter here, I probably wont be able to answer them but I shall try!

Click here to download this file


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