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Download: Star Trek - LCARS


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File Name: Star Trek - LCARS
File Submitter: mdgshorty
File Submitted: 18 Dec 2006
File Category: Dark Skins

his is my second version of the LCars which is a great improvement over the first version which more was the outline of Sloan's 1.3 Invision skin.

When I first created this skin, I had been granted permission to recreate this skin with the explicit instructions to have Sloan in the credits. Instead of having it on the board I have it now here in this readme file. Around the time I was about the submit my first version, I have not be able to contact him.

To keep my side of the bargain here is his webaddress even though nothing shows up at the time of writing this. Its been probably down for maybe a few weeks now. Anyway here goes: http://sloan.polarpages.com

Please keep the credits intact as I worked very hard on this skin.

Version 2 Changes:

New Lcars design
New Banner
New Buttons
Border white around the banner and the top hyperlinks
Centered the hyperlinks at the bottom
Changed the federation pictures slightly
Added credit to paramount Pictures
and made the powered by blue

Install Directions:
go to look and feel in your acp
then click skin import/export
then import your skin and images files into their designated sections.
If the skin does not look right then import the macros.

If you like my skins, please come to my website as I have some premium skins to offer at a low price.

Website: http://www.simworldfleets.com/skinresources/
E-Mail: mdgshorty@gmail.com

Click here to download this file


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