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Download: Default IPB GDK skin converted to Adobe Fireworks PNGs


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File Name: Default IPB GDK skin converted to Adobe Fireworks PNGs
File Submitter: Runnerman12
File Submitted: 20 Dec 2006
File Category: GDK (Graphic Development Kits)

IPB Default skin converted to Fireworks PNGs for rapid deployment of custom skins

This gives you the ability to make all your modifications within one document (excluding CSS of course) and export all slices at once.

Hopefully this document I've put together will help you re-skin an IPB driven board without too much pain. By default, the IPB Images folder contains 11 folders and 196 images in the root:

- folder_attach_images
- folder_editor_images
- folder_js_skin (not included)
- folder_mime_types
- folder_post_icons
- folder_profile_portal
- folder_rte_files
- folder_rte_images (not included)
- folder_team_icons (not included)
- folder_topic_view (not included)

- 196 Images in root Directory (Give or take an image)

This can be daunting if you have no idea where to begin…


Included in the FW_IPB_Default pack are 6 Fireworks source PNG files. Each PNG is a set of images from a folder in the default IPB skins directory and has been sliced, optimized and waiting for modifications.

- images_in_root.png
- folder_attach_images.png
- folder_editor_images.png
- folder_mime_types.png
- folder_post_icons.png
- folder_profile_portal.png

Extract the zip and copy the entire folder and rename it for the custom skin. This way, you can always resort back to the original skins if you screw up.

If you find any problems or have questions concerning this workflow, email admin@fireworksguruforum.com

Let me know if this helps or if you have other ideas!! :P

Click here to download this file

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